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Flexible robotic collator & loader saves time, money and space

Food and Beverage Packaging: What’s the difference between robotics and automation? Chris Follows: While the terms have become perhaps incorrectly interchangeable, robotics is the term used to describe the field of robots and its uses.

Sophisticated robotics reveals new technology and controls to increase efficiencies

Today’s packaging robots are even more sophisticated than in previous years. The new designs, features and technology behind these systems help to increase speed and throughput and work to decrease downtime.

FANUC features LR Mate 200iD robot and Power Motion i-A Motion Controller

The family of LR Mate 200iD robots is a versatile solution for a wide range of manufacturing operations that require access into small spaces.

The green movement in the packaging industry.

We hear many things out of all different corners what to do to reduce waste or our carbon footprint. We at LANGGUTH AMERICA Ltd. must be ahead of our time. We believe that for years we have started at the basics. If a machine is idle, we have implemented power saving...