/***/ LANGGUTH ENGINEERING Acquires Associated Packaging Equipment Corp.

Waterloo, Ontario. June 29, 2015, LANGGUTH ENGINEERING:

LANGGUTH ENGINEERING, based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada announces the acquisition of Associated Packaging Equipment Corp., a supplier of globally branded labeling technology including the entire portfolio of PolyClad labelers.

With this strategic acquisition LANGGUTH ENGINEERING gains access to roll-fed labeler designs further enhancing LANGGUTH’s existing diverse capabilities to meet customer requests especially with beverage and aerosol products. Under LANGGUTH ENGINEERING’s rollLAN brand, PolyClad global customers will be supported by LANGGUTH ENGINEERING’s expanded parts, service, and engineering team based in Waterloo, Ontario.

In addition to strengthening LANGGUTH ENGINEERING’s roll-fed rollLAN brand, LANGGUTH ENGINEERING gains adaptable technologies to meet evolving package designs.

Manufacturing in Europe and North America LANGGUTH ENGINEERING delivers hot melt, cold glue, pressure sensitive, and adhesive-free labelers to a multitude of industries with exports accounting for 50% of production. Established in 1932 LANGGUTH ENGINEERING supplies labelers under the brands
hotLAN, wetLAN, rollLAN, selfLAN, and sysLAN.

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Mr. Dieter Vogelsang
Communication Director
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Tel: 519 888 0099
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