/***/ Inline and Rotary Labelers

hotLAN® Hot Melt Inline and Rotary Labelers – Advantages of Ownership

· minimum glue consumption
· minimum cleaning effort
· high degree of flexibility

LANGGUTH’s hotLAN Hot Melt Labelers apply cut and stack full wrap labels to round and non-round containers decorated with paper labels and OPP film – with or without shrink characteristics. Rigid cylindrical containers run on LANGGUTH’s linear/inline hot melt labeler. Square containers, tapered jars, and soft PET bottles run on LANGGUTH’s rotary labeler. Both labeler platforms rely on LANGGUTH’s spray glue system which delivers cost savings with each container plus ultimate flexibility for container shapes.

rollLAN® Roll-Fed Labelers – Advantages of Ownership

· inline simplicity
· Servo controlled container and label handling
· Spring assisted modular label cut

LANGGUTH’s rollLAN Roll-Fed Labelers meets the needs for labeling round containers using roll-fed OPP labels. With designs suitable for modest output or up to 700 bpm, rollLAN labelers can be matched to most roll-fed projects.

wetLAN® Wet glue Inline and Rotary Labelers – Advantages of Ownership

· easy operation
· fast changeover
· minimum expenditure
  for maintenance & repair

wetLAN wet glue labelers in both rotary and inline formats apply a multitude of label combinations to many different container shapes. Linear/Inline labelers are designed for conical, conical-oval, cylindrical and angular containers. Rotary labelers apply front, shoulder, neck ring and tamper seals onto widely differing container shapes. The wetLAN designs are characterized by easy operation as well as simple changeover. Operator ergonomics and sanitation are near ideal.

Inline and Rotary Labelers photo


selfLAN Advantages

· Premier servo label heads
  for reliability
· Heavy machine frame
  for precision
· Container handling
  know-how for success

LANGGUTH’s selfLAN series of pressure sensitive labelers arranged in rotary and inline formats apply a range of paper and film labels – expanded content, booklet, and thin film. Combining premier label heads, heavy machine frame, and product handling expertise LANGGUTH delivers excellent results on the most demanding container shapes.

Inline and Rotary Labelers photo


sysLAN Advantages

· High speed
· Changeover flexibility
· Can be integrated with labelers

sysLAN systems provide an extraordinary integrative machine concept. Pail handling systems encompass and integrate denesters as well as labeling, lidding, and closing. As single components or combined, sysLAN adds value to pail production. For the ultimate in pail integration LANGGUTH’s Mono Block system includes densesting up to pail palletizing.