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Hot Melt (Hot Glue) Technologies Portfolio – hotLAN®

LANGGUTH’s hotLAN® inline and rotary labelers reflect simple, intelligent design. High output, changeover repeatability with scales and dials, infinitely adjustable label magazine, plus a decades-proven non-contact spray glue system all combine to make hotLAN a valuable plant asset.


The rotary hotLAN 330 accommodates soft PET, tapered containers, and rectangular dimensions. Compared to traditional glue roller designs, LANGGUTH’s spray glue system improves changeover time and reduces change parts investment.

For rigid glass, PET, and metal cylindrical containers the inline hotLAN 310 absolutely delivers the lowest cost of ownership and lowest purchase price of any changeover, high speed labeler. Incorporating the non-contact glue system and infinitely adjustable label magazine, hotLAN 310 changeover requires minutes to adjust from a 66mm/2.6” container to 152mm/6.0” container.

hotLAN Advantages

  • Spray glue system saves money
  • Open guard design allows access and easy cleaning
  • Ability to run paper and OPP cut labels

Hot Melt Adhesive Fundamentals

Appropriate for a variety of applications, hot-melt adhesives provide optimal hold and superior manufacturing flexibility vs. waterborne or solvent-based adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in a variety of applications, including packaging, product assembly, bookbinding, woodworking and pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

Hot-Melt Adhesives

  • are solvent-free, thermoplastic materials that are mixed and applied in the molten state at temperatures varying from 120° to 180°C.

Hot Melt Adhesives are composed of three main components:

  • High molecular weight polymer (e.g., EVA or synthetic rubber), which acts as a backbone and provides the primary mechanical properties of the adhesive
  • Tackifying resin, which provides wetting and adhesion properties
  • Plasticizer, such as an oil or wax, which controls the viscosity of the blend and enables the adhesive to be handled by simple machinery

The success of Hot Melt Technology is driven by superior economics

  • Significantly lower investment than solvent technology
  • Higher throughput than water-based technology
  • Less space needed for production equipment
  • Lower raw-material inventory requirements
  • Less preparation than solvent- or water-based technology
  • Reduction in energy costs compared to water-based technology
  • Enhanced environmental impact during manufacture and disposal

hotLAN profiles

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Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo

hotLAN 310
Hot Melt Inline Labeler

Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo
For rigid cylindrical containers with full wrap cut labels the hotLAN® 310 series of Hot Melt Inline Labelers delivers the lowest cost of ownership and best value point in the industry.

hotLAN 330
Hot Melt Rotary Labeler

Hot Melt Technologies - hotLAN photo
The hotLAN 330 series of Hot Melt Rotary Labelers meets the demands of high speed flexible production including tapered containers, rectangular shapes, and recessed panels.