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hotLAN® 330 – Hot Melt Rotary Labeler

LANGGUTH’s hotLAN 330 Rotary Hot Melt Labelers deliver high output and positive changeover for a variety of containers. Soft PET bottles, steel cans, tapered jars, and square F-style containers commonly rely on the hotLAN 330 Hot Melt Rotary Labeler. Dependability at speeds in excess of 1000 cpm is the hallmark of the hotLAN 330 Hot Melt Rotary Labeler.

Customers using LANGGUTH’s unique non-contact spray glue system enjoy faster changeover and lower parts investment because there is no hot melt glue roller. Hot melt consumption is slight, at least 30% savings over glue rollers. Additionally the label magazine is infinitely adjustable, even accepting banana shaped labels for tapered shapes.

LANGGUTH outfits labelers with label verification, modern controls, and data communication options. Designed in both non-servo and servo models, each hotLAN 330 Rotary Hot Melt Labeler is suitably matched to customer requirement.

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hotLAN 330 Hot Melt Rotary Labelers

  • Accepts F-style, square, contoured, tapered,
    and cylindrical containers
  • 1,000 cpm steady state
  • Soft container friendly
  • 15-20 minute tool-less changeovers
  • Carousel sizes matched to the application
    • 12 head: 400 cpm
    • 16 head: 800 cpm
    • 28 head: 1,000 cpm
  • Adjustable label magazine accepts shaped labels
  • 30% adhesive savings with LANGGUTH’s patented spray adhesive system

Spray Glue:

  • 30% less adhesive use than roller system
  • Debris-free closed pot with no glue recirculation
  • Change parts free
  • Non contact system enables contours, edges and soft PET
  • Simple nozzle clean up
  • High output with mechanical simplicity

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Rotary Labelers

hotLAN® 330 series of rotary labelers are specially designed to attach paper and plastic wrap-around labels to round, rectangular as well as oval containers the walls of which, however, must be parallel. The machine conveyor transports the containers via the in-feed scroll and the in-feed star to the container plates of the carousel. There they are fixed by the container hold down devices. After the label transfer the label is closed by the label fixing elements at the overlap.

Rotary Labelers-Hot Melt-hotLAN 330 photo

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