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Why choose rollLAN®?

LANGGUTH’S rollLAN inline roll-fed labelers deliver reliable, economical results with thin film labels. Spanning both modest output lines and high speed lines, rollLAN labelers can be ideally matched to customer requirements.

One of the two most common questions directed to rollLAN must be “why choose roll fed labels as opposed to other label formats”? We have three reasons for that:

  • Inline simplicity
  • Servo controlled container and label handling
  • Spring assisted modular label cut

The inline rollLAN series meets the needs for labeling round containers using roll-fed OPP labels. With designs suitable for modest output or up to 700 bpm, rollLAN labelers can be matched to most roll-fed projects.

Moreover combining reliable servo container handling and slow spinning 632mm vacuum drum, rollLAN delivers excellent label placement with very low maintenance. Allowing material options such as OPP with Shrink, rollLAN accommodates containers with rounded shoulders for slick marketing presentation.


LANGGUTH’s rollLAN series of roll-fed Hot Melt Inline Labelers delivers excellent values for round containers using OPP thin film labels – with and without shrink. Sized for use with modest output production lines and high speed lines rollLAN labelers provide reliability with minimal investment in change parts typical of LANGGUTH’s inline label designs.


rollLAN proves its versatility with metal containers, glass jars, and plastic bottles. When used with shrink labels rollLAN includes an energy saving shrink tunnel with hot air recovery. As with other LANGGUTH equipment rollLAN can be outfitted with bar code verification and connected to plant-wide data networks.


  • Large 632mm diameter vacuum drum lowers spin rate and reduces maintenance
  • Servo controls provide smooth container and label handling
  • Shrink tunnel includes heat recovery for energy conservation

Hot Melt Adhesive Fundamentals

Appropriate for a variety of applications, hot-melt adhesives provide optimal hold and superior manufacturing flexibility vs. waterborne or solvent-based adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives are widely used in a variety of applications, including packaging, product assembly, bookbinding, woodworking and pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

Hot-Melt Adhesives

  • are solvent-free, thermoplastic materials that are mixed and applied in the molten state at temperatures varying from 120° to 180°C.

Hot Melt Adhesives are composed of three main components:

  • High molecular weight polymer (e.g., EVA or synthetic rubber), which acts as a backbone and provides the primary mechanical properties of the adhesive
  • Tackifying resin, which provides wetting and adhesion properties
  • Plasticizer, such as an oil or wax, which controls the viscosity of the blend and enables the adhesive to be handled by simple machinery

The success of Hot Melt Technology is driven by superior economics

  • Significantly lower investment than solvent technology
  • Higher throughput than water-based technology
  • Less space needed for production equipment
  • Lower raw-material inventory requirements
  • Less preparation than solvent- or water-based technology
  • Reduction in energy costs compared to water-based technology
  • Enhanced environmental impact during manufacture and disposal

rollLAN 200

rollLAN - Roll Fed Labelers photo

The rollLAN 200 labeler is perhaps the most complete, compact roll fed labeler available anywhere. Small footprint, large features and affordability make this labeler an excellent choice.

rollLAN 900

rollLAN - Roll Fed Labelers photo

A large 632mm diameter vacuum drum providing more labels per revolution, unique grease-less glue applicator and spring assisted modular label cutter supply.

rollLAN 204

rollLAN - Roll Fed Labelers photo

Featuring a virtually identical small footprint as its sibling, the rollLAN 204 incorporates a memory capable servo driven star wheel and feed screw container placement system

rollLAN 904

rollLAN - Roll Fed Labelers photo

Multi format changeovers are quick & easy utilizing the HMI memory feature & quick change components.
The addition of the servo starwheel feed system allows for even labels per revolution.