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rollLAN® 904 Series – Roll Fed Labelers

Every product line has an ultimate model, incorporating all the best features of the others in addition to extra ones which make it the best of the best.
For Langguth America that model is the rollLAN 904 Roll Fed Labeler.
Utilizing the 632mm diameter vaccum drum so successfully proven in the rollLAN 900 partnered with a servo driven star and feed screw arrangement configured in an “S TURN” layout ,the rollLAN 904 outperforms many larger rotary type labellers for less than half the cost. It’s configuration of key components allows precise container placement and label application at speeds in excess of 700 C.P.M
Multi format changeovers are quick and easy utilizing the HMI memory feature and quick change components.The addition of the servo starwheel feed system allows for even more labels per revolution while many of the standard features which make the rollLAN 900 a popular choice are also present.

Roll Fed Labelers - rollLAN 904 photo

rollLAN 904

Model: rollLAN 904 Roll Fed Labeler
Family: rollLAN
Adhesive: Hot Melt
Label Format: Roll-Fed Full Wrap only
Labeler Frame: In-Line


  • Speeds up to 700 C.P.M
  • Cylindrical containers
  • Simple 15-20 minute changeover
  • Short linear footprint fits almost any line
  • Servo based container and label handling for precise label placement
  • Energy saving hot air recovery shrink tunnel for OPP labels

Available Options

  • Full Safety Guarding
  • Servo Controlled Feed Screw Assembly(with memory)
  • Dual Mechanical Brake Label Reel System
  • Automatic Label Alignment Device
  • Reverse Label Wind Configuration
  • Line Control Sensors (Interfaced with Labeler)
  • Sanitary Environment Compliance
Roll Fed Labelers - rollLAN 904 photo