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selfLAN® 510

selfLAN® 510 provides unmatched flexibility in running pressure sensitive labels with multiple container shapes. selfLAN® 510 uses our robust inline frame with state-of-the-art pressure sensitive heads.

selfLAN 510 photo
selfLAN 510 photo
  • Small and large format, tapered, and cylindrical containers
  • Up to 300 cpm with full wrap or spot labels
  • Up to 25 cpm on tapered filled or empty 5 gallon pails
  • Linear footprint fits almost any line
  • Adjustable label head axes match container shapes for accurate label placement even with banana shaped labels
  • Front and back panel placement and full wrap roll-on and tapered containers on same machine
    • Option for automatic pressure sensitive roll change
    • Option for wet glue station
selfLAN 510 photo