/***/ selfLAN 520 – Rotary

selfLAN® 520 – Rotary

The selfLAN® 520 rotary pressure sensitive labeler applies multiple labels to ovals and other complex container shapes. Easy changeover, a robust frame, and state-of-the-art pressure sensitive heads highlight the benefits of the selfLAN® 520. With LANGGUTH’s product handling experience, the most complicated shapes can be run on the selfLAN® 520.

selfLAN 520 - Rotary photo
  • Contoured, square, oval, F-style, and cylindrical containers
  • Up to 300 cpm
  • Adjustable label head axes match container shapes for accurate label placement even with banana shaped label
  • Multiple label heads accommodate front, back, shoulder, and neck labels
  • Tool-less changeover in 15-25 minutes
  • Options include pressure sensitive and wet glue label combinations
  • Option for automatic pressure sensitive roll change
selfLAN 520 - Rotary photo

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