/***/ sysLAN – Pail Handling
LANGGUTH’s sysLAN denesters provide reliable pail and tub denesting for high value food and chemical/coatings products. By keeping pail columns vertical, LANGGUTH’s denesters make best use of available space. Moreover denester designs accommodate incoming pail columns arranged right side up or upside down.

Available in varying formats a sysLAN denester will match most combinations of speed and changeover requirement. Denesters operate with both metal and plastic pails. For extra efficiency sysLAN denesters can be integrated directly into a LANGGUTH labeler.

LANGGUTH provides ancillary pail and tub equipment including lid placement and sealing. For the brand new line LANGGUTH’s Mono Block design encompasses denesting up to pail palletizing.
sysLAN - Pail Handling photo
sysLAN Advantages
· High speed
· Changeover flexibility
· Can be integrated with labelers

sysLAN 710

sysLAN - Pail Handling photo

Denester systems designs accommodate incoming pail columns arranged right side up or upside down. Integrated components such as lidding, pressure testing, and labeling are available.

wetLAN 130

sysLAN - Pail Handling photo

Common in the coatings and chemical industries the wetLAN 130 applies spot and full wrap labels to virtually all container shapes, plus meets Hazard ATEX/Class 1 environments

sysLAN Mono-Block

sysLAN - Pail Handling photo

The Mono-Block System incorporates denesting, filling, lidding, and labeling into a compact unit.

selfLAN 510

sysLAN - Pail Handling photo

The expandable inline labeler houses multiple pressure sensitive label heads for high quality, high speed labeling results on intricate containers.