/***/ wetLAN 130 – Inline

wetLAN® 130 – Inline

wetLAN® 130 provides unmatched flexibility in running full wrap labels on cylindrical containers and large spot labels on tapered pails. Filled and empty containers are labeled easily on the wetLAN® 130. For full integration the wetLAN® 130 can be integral to LANGGUTH’s pail denester.

wetLAN 130 - Inline photo
  • Large format, tapered, oval, and cylindrical containers whether plastic or steel
  • Up to 50 cpm with full wrap or spot labels
  • Over 30 cpm on tapered filled or empty 5 gallon pails
  • Linear footprint fits almost any line
  • Adjustable label magazine matches container shapes for accurate label placement even with banana shaped labels
  • Two side label capability, and full wrap, and spot labels on tapered pails on same machine
  • Options for bail lifting, pail and can orientation
  • FVT20 Vaccum magazine provides easy changeover between large labels
  • Explosion-proof rated designs available
wetLAN 130 - Inline photo