/***/ wetLAN 140 – Rotary

wetLAN® 140 – Rotary

wetLAN® 140 is an expandable rotary labeler to meet the needs of high speed production for containers with multiple labels. Established in spirits, foods, and beverage industries the wetLAN® 140 delivers proven reliability for high value products. Designed to match evolving marketing demands, the wetLAN® 140 accepts a combination of pressure sensitive and wet glue labels.

wetLAN 140 - Rotary photo
  • Contoured, square, oval, F-style, and cylindrical containers
  • Up to 600 cpm
  • Adjustable label magazine accepts spot, full wrap, shaped and rectangular labels
  • Multiple label heads accommodate front, back, shoulder, and neck labels
  • Tool-less changeover in 15-25 minutes
  • Options include pressure sensitive and wet glue label combinations
wetLAN 140 - Rotary photo