/***/ E-Waste – An Infographic

A great infographic on electronic waste – aka e-waste. Many of our old computers, laptops, printers, phones and kitchen appliances die eventually. Sometimes we don’t throw them away, like old working phones, but other times we do throw them away and they’re not properly dealt with. Sadly this is out of our control unless we make a concious decision to take our e-waste somewhere better. If we don’t, then our e-waste will end up like the waste in this infographic. It’ll break down, leak chemicals, harm the environment and much more. It’s a sad but serious matter that only we can change.

EWASA is South Africa’s E-Waste collection company, making sure that all appliances are recycled and handled carefully. They focus on the environment so that E-Waste doesn’t do more harm to our environment, plus it goes into the right places to be recycled into other things. There are a number of collection sites around SA, from local supermarkets that’ll collect your lightbulbs and old batteries to larger sites that’ll take your old appliances. There’s probably one just a short drive away from your house, so make a day of taking all your e-waste there and knowing it’s gone to the better place – unlike this infographic!

This infographic is an interesting read on where our e-waste goes if we don’t throw it away in the right places, and how much of a difference we’ll be making if we dispose of our e-waste properly!


E-Waste – An Infographic photo

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