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Food Cans Overview

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All Food Containers are Not Created Equal

The metal food can remains one of the safest, most environmentally-friendly and economical packaging forms. Innovations in metal packaging design have opened an exciting and fresh chapter in the life of the metal can, guaranteeing its place in the consumer market and on the pantry shelf.

Making the World a Greener Place…One Can at a Time.

Food cans provide an excellent way for consumers to maintain environmentally conscious behavior. In fact, at a whopping two-and-a half times that of other packaging options, cans are the most recycled food container in the world.

Consider these important facts about food can recycling:

Metal food cans are 100 percent recyclable.
Steel food containers can be endlessly recycled without losing strength or quality.
Every ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,000 pounds of coal and 40 pounds of limestone.
Endlessly adaptable and reusable, the can is the king of containers.

Functional. Novel. High-Impact.

Today’s food can is a versatile and efficient packaging solution that leading companies have identified as a key tool in developing brands and driving sales. State-of-the-art shapes and decorative designs that respond to consumer demands are pushing this trend even further.

Grocery shoppers can select from an array of easy-to-use, convenient and unusual metal packages, including:

Containers with twist-top, resealable lids
Easy-open cans with pull-tab lids
Distinct, easy-to-grasp metal cans shaped like bowls, kettles and squares.
Food can packaging continues to evolve, combining superior visual appeal while responding to modern consumer lifestyle preferences.
Delivering Superior Convenience, Health and Safety

The canning process provides long-term food quality and the longest shelf life of any type of packaging. Canned fruits and vegetables are picked and packed at the peak of ripeness, guaranteeing superior food freshness. Once the cans are sealed and heat processed, the food maintains its high quality and freshness for more than two years, delivering 100% protection against oxygen, light, moisture and other contaminants. This extended shelf life maximizes consumer convenience.

The metal food can also enjoys an unparalleled safety record. Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging gives consumers peace of mind knowing that their food is packaged safely and securely.

Over the years, metal food cans have earned consumer trust as a result of their exceptional durability, integrity and safety.

Source: Food Cans Overview – Can Manufacturers Institute | Washington, DC