/***/ Going Green At The Office – An Infographic

Thinking about going green? In the age of digital and wireless, it’s become easier to have a ‘paperless’ office. However, that doesn’t mean that your office is any greener with all the added tech to replace the paper! This infographic includes some easy and useful tips to inspire going green at the office. From things as simple as setting up a recycling station to making sure your computer is switched off or put to sleep each night, it’s all about the little things that’ll help make your office go green.

Why should your office go green? Businesses make up a large percentage of the waste and electricity useage, as well as paper and water. Going green at the office is just as easy as going green at home – in just a few simple changes of habit. Do you have a canteen at work? Our eco-friendly food packaging is perfect for all kinds of canteens, and we’d love to help make yours green – contact us to find out how!


So check out this infographic, print it out and place it at the office, and try make some small changes each week to go green.


Click on the image below to see the full infographic.

Going Green At The Office - An Infographic photo

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